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Let us be part of your legacy

Because nothing should be left unsaid

A new way to communicate to family and friends after you are gone...

Have you ever imagined being able to surprise your friends and loved ones with personal messages delivered on your behalf after you pass away or become mentally incapacitated, at the date you want and in a secured way?
That's basically what Need2TellYou is about: allowing you to continue communicating with your family and friends after it becomes too late, even if you have told them all those things before.

How it works

The process is pretty straight forward. Check it out



The initial setup is comprised of 3 easy steps:

  1. You pick your plan among the several ones we offer,
  2. You update your profile information (name, email, phone#, country),
  3. You set up your account:
    • list of people who will confirm you have passed away (guardians),
    • list of people who will receive your documents (recipients),
    • list of documents recipients will receive,
    • your release schedule (who will receive what and when).

You can update all these settings at any time and not just at the initial setup.


“Need2TellYou gives life additional meaning and guides your family and friends on paths forward. “


Periodic Pulse Checks

Periodically, we will send you an email and an SMS/text to ensure you are still alive. We know you are busy, so additional reminders will be sent too.

The only thing you will have to do is click on the link provided. That will just tell us ‘hey, I am still here!!!’.


“We can make our lives sublime and departing, leaving behind footprints on the sand of time.”


Guardians Step In

Without any reply from you, we will contact the guardians you defined in your account. 

At least 2 of these guardians need to confirm you passed, or are incapacitated and unable to respond (see FAQ for details on this).


“Presence is more than just being there.” (Malcolm Forbes)


Documents Are Released

Once your death has been confirmed, we will automatically release the documents per the schedule you have defined for each recipient, so they can access them.

The date of each document release can be either an absolute date (e.g. 23-jan-2021), or relative to your death (e.g. X days after), immediately after your death or at at specific date annually (e.g. a birthday).

Each recipient you have defined will receive an email and an SMS.  We will send them additional reminders a day apart. The link they will receive will guide them to our website where they will be able to connect securely and download the files you have assigned to them.

Because nothing should be left unsaid, plan your after life communication

“Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.” (Vincent van Gogh)

Everyday, there are more and more people trusting us.

Why not you?

Key Features

Here are the key features we offer
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Data Security

We understand security and confidentiality are paramount in this day and age, and especially for the type of service we are offering. This is the reason why we have built robust security capabilities to protect your data. 

For a full list of our security measures and capabilities, please visit our FAQ.

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Data Privacy

We commit to not sharing any of your data and personal information to third parties, and to comply with data privacy regulations. We have designed our service to provide (or ensure) Data Privacy.

See our Privacy Policy and GDPR Privacy Policy if you reside in the EU for more details.

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Device Independent

As long as you have a recent browser, you can use our service. It works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and PCs and adapts to your configuration.

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File Types

Need2TellYou supports a lot of different file types. So, you can upload videos, audios, spreadsheets, images, PDFs,… For the full detailed list, please check our FAQ in Support.

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All paid subscriptions allow you to schedule the release of your documents on a specific schedule as defined by you. The date of document release can be either an absolute date (e.g. 23-jan-2021), immediately after your death, relative to your passing (e.g. X days after), or annually at a certain date (ex: a birthday).

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Ads Free

You will not be bothered by ads coming from us. And the only emails or SMS/texts you will receive will be for communication and notification related to the service only.

The fact we do not have ads and not share any of your data with third parties is the reason why we only have a limited free offering.

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Payment Options

All payments are secured using service which accepts all major payment methods.


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