Where do you store data and documents?

All data and documents are stored regionally within Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. Here is the list of the data centers we use per region that are determined based on where you reside. This list will be updated as we roll-out new regions:

  • For North, Central and South America: ‘us-east-1’ AWS region located in North Virginia, United States of America, with replication in ‘us-west-2’ AWS region located in Oregon, United States of America
  • For Europe (western, central and eastern): ‘eu-west-1’ AWS region located in Dublin, Ireland, , with replication in ‘eu-west-3’ AWS region located in Paris, France
  • For Africa: TBD (not available yet)
  • For Middle-East: TBD (not available yet)
  • For Asia: ‘ap-south-1’ AWS region located in Mumbai, India, , with replication in ‘ap-southeast-1’ AWS region located in Singapore
  • For any country in Oceania: TBD (not available yet)

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