What types of documents do you recommend storing into your service?

Just to name a few, here are some examples of documents you may consider uploading to communicate to relatives or loved ones:

  • Letters, audio, pictures and video recordings to loved ones.
  • A simple document explaining where your advance directive, will or living trust are located, as well as who is in charge or is the custodian of these documents.
  • A file containing your passwords for your phone, computer, email, bank accounts and social media accounts. We recommend using an online password manager such as 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, KeyPass or NordPass to collect them all, sharing the master password with someone you trust, and then designating emergency contacts within the program who are allowed to gain access.
  • A document explaining all your investments with contact information.
  • Instructions for your funeral and final disposition.
  • A text to be read at your funeral.
  • An ethical will.
  • etc…
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