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Can you explain what the Question/Answer feature is?

The Question/Answer feature is related to the ‘enhanced security’ option that some plans have. People subscribing to a plan having this feature available will have the option to protect their document with an additional password, only he or she and the recipient will know. This password is also known as the ‘Answer’ hereafter.

So, in order to add another security protection, and for each file the subscriber will upload, a secret Question/Answer will have to be provided.

Basically, the subscriber writes in plain text a Question the recipient(s) should know the answer to. For example, what was my mother’s maiden name? Or, which year did we go on vacation for the first time together? The question needs to be difficult to guess by someone else and easy for your recipient.

To increase the chances for the recipient to guess the Answer, this answer needs to be one word only, and cannot be part of the question. For example, someone cannot write a question as ‘Just type the word GUESS in the next field’ and have ‘GUESS’ as THE answer.

In the background, we will use this answer/word to create a more robust and complex password that will encrypt some keys and some data. The answer is not case sensitive, meaning it is not important if you type in upper case or lower case.

We will never store this answer on our servers for long term storage. It will just transit over the network and be used  for encryption. And then it is deleted. That means, that we at Need2TellYou can never read the subscriber’s documents and see their contents. It is only between the subscriber and his/her recipients. That is a key confidentiality point.

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