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Communicate to Family and Friends after you are gone...

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4 Easy Key Processes

The process is pretty straight forward

The initial setup is comprised of 3 easy steps:

  • You pick your plan among the various ones we offer
  • You update your profile information (name, email, phone#, country)
  • You set up your account:
    • list of people who will confirm you have passed away (guardians)
    • list of people who will receive your documents (recipients)
    • list of documents recipients will receive
    • your release schedule (who will receive what and when)

You can update all these settings at any time and not just at the initial setup.

Periodically, we will send you an email and an SMS/text to ensure you are still alive. We know you are busy, so additional reminders will be sent too.

The only thing you will have to do is click on the link provided. That will just tell us ‘hey, I am still here!!!’.

Without any reply from you, we will contact the guardians you defined in your account.

At least 2 of these guardians need to confirm you passed, or are incapacitated and unable to respond (see FAQ for details on this).

Once your death has been confirmed, we will automatically release the documents per the schedule you have defined for each recipient, so they can access them.

The date of each document release can be either an absolute date (e.g. 23-jan-2021), or relative to your death (e.g. X days after), immediately after your death or at at specific date annually (e.g. a birthday).

Each recipient you have defined will receive an email and an SMS. We will send them additional reminders a day apart. The link they will receive will guide them to our website where they will be able to connect securely and download the files you have assigned to them.


Read what some of our subscribers say about our service

  • Speaking of my death with my wife has never been possible. With Need2TellYou, I can leave documents describing our investments, our passwords, and people to contact at work to get support for paperwork.

    Cheng, Singapore
  • Thanks to Need2TellYou, I am now able to leave a surprise video for my kids they will receive for their 21st birthday in case I will not be there with them.

    Prakash, India
  • That's a great idea. My grand daughter told me recently that she wished she had more videos of her mom who passed away due to covid. With Need2TellYou, her mom could have left surprises for her daugther for important life dates such as her birthdays.

    Lois, USA
  • Need2TellYou provides me a very easy and secure way to send documents/photos/videos to my family and friends after I pass. The process from setting up the account to scheduling documents to be delivered is simple to understand and you are provided with step by step guidance along the way to make sure everything is setup correctly. The way secure access to the files uploaded to the website is managed provides me confidence that only the people specifically designated will see the files based on the schedule I created.

    Mike, USA